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Bring your brochures in front of travelers and travel professionals

Tourism Brochures sites network are generating over a million page views per month from some of the most sought after consumers on the Internet: travelers, travel professionals, event planners and congress and meeting organizers.

Insertion Rates

Standard Listings

Brochure Insertion

    Annual Rate
Basic Insertion
General Directory
-- -- -- 60,00 Eur
Featured Insertion
Picture of cover in General Directory
-- -- -- 108,00 Eur
(9,00 Eur/month)

Spain Tourism Brochures High Visibility Banners*

Monthly Rate
Quarterly Rate
6-Month Rate
Annual Rate
Standard Banner
120 x 120
33,00 Eur 90,00 Eur
(30,00 Eur/month)
165,00 Eur
(27,50 Eur/month)
300,00 Eur
(25,00 Eur/month)
Top Banner
Local Page
45,00 Eur 120,00 Eur
(40,00 Eur/month)
210,00 Eur
(35,00 Eur/month)
360,00 Eur
(30,00 Eur/month)
Top Banner
Provincial Page
50,00 Eur 135,00 Eur
(45,00 Eur/month)
240,00 Eur
(40,00 Eur/month)
420,00 Eur
(35,00 Eur/month)
Top Banner
Regional Page
60,00 Eur 165,00 Eur
(55,00 Eur/month)
300,00 Eur
(50,00 Eur/month)
540,00 Eur
(45,00 Eur/month)
Top Banner
National Page
100,00 Eur 270,00 Eur
(90,00 Eur/month)
480,00 Eur
(80,00 Eur/month)
840,00 Eur
(70,00 Eur/month)

* Insertions subject to availability

Conditions: Quarterly, semester and annual listings are payable in advance upon invoice presentation by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. Monthly listings are payable in advance monthly by Paypal or credit card only. You can terminate at anytime the service notifying the cancellation at least 30 days prior to the date of your invoicing cycle. Not partial refunds allowed.


Standard Listings

Basic Insertion
Include your brochures in the General Business Brochures Directory

We introduce future travelers interested to visit your region or town to the
brochures of local hotels where they can book directly a room at a great price immediately or to brochures where they can get additional information about local activities, attractions, rental cars, restaurants, excursions, home rentals and many other tourism related services. Low monthly fee of
5,00 Eur. per month.

Featured Insertion - Show the cover of your brochures in the General Business Brochures Directory

Feature your brochures by including the picture of the cover of your brochures.

High Visibility Banners

Do you want to get the maximum exposure for your business?..
Tourism Brochures
offers to a very limited number of companies the inclusion of their brochures in the pages where are located the Tourist Guides of the local, provincial, regional and national Tourist Offices. All the banner insertions include
additionally without cost the
Basic Insertion + Premium Insertion.

Standard Banners

Placement of a banner at the right side of the tourist publications. Precise placement - Choose the desired placement of your add.

- Ads are 125 X 125 pixels
- No flashing or animated ads
- Ads are linked to the brochure of your choice
- No rotating ads.

Top Banners

Placement of a banner at the top of the page where are displayed the local, provincial, regional or national tourist publications. Precise placement - Choose the desired page for your brochure.

- Ads are 60 X 456 pixels
- No flashing ads. Animated ads allowed
- Ads are linked to the brochure of your choice
- No rotating ads

Brochure Insertion Request

To include your b
rochures in TourismBrochures.net or to inquire about advertising, please fill out the form below.



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Why you should display your brochures on Tourism Brochures Library

First, Tourism Brochures provides a constantly expanding, original content that travelers want and search for. The information is divided into countries, regions, provinces and towns to make it easy for visitors to find exactly what they need. The library is constantly updated nearly every day with new guides. Search Engine Optimizers universally agree, that websites (like yours) linked from high traffic and active sites (like Tourism Brochures) are far more likely to be selected for a higher search engine ranking also.

Second, we provide you an opportunity to reach a
target audience of people interested in visiting your region or town BEFORE they travel. Our site get over 20.000 visitors per day with a constantly monthly increase of 20% and we spend a large budget to promote the site.

Next, unlike other websites which only offer banner ads with cryptic re-direction codes designed to hide and track your site access, we integrate your brochures and services right into our content pages with a non-invasive link-banner designed to add confidence in your products as a
Tourism Brochures family member. To offer you the maximum exposure for your brochures we offer you the inclusion of your brochures in the interactive map of your area, as well as in the pages where the tourist guides of the Tourist Offices are displayed. This allows you to target the specific audience interested to visit your area.

Our frequent readers who range from individual travelers, to travel agents, convention planners and corporate meeting planners from around the world, know that our fast, simple, no-nonsense, totally cookie-free, privacy conscious, user interface, allows them to find the information they need quickly. They can reach hundreds of tourist publications and travel guides in one place!

Finally, and most important of all to advertisers, unlike most seemingly similar websites,
Tourism Brochures never accepts commissions from competing tourism advertisers. This ensures:

  • All advertisers get equal value for their advertising dollar. There is never an incentive for us to promote your competitor over you because of a per sale bonus. New advertisers have the same advantages as existing advertisers.

  • Travel agents and planners from around the world who discover you online via our website can still contact you DIRECTLY to privately discuss their commissions. Numerous, long term agent / vendor relationships have been formed through our website over the years.

With our highly directed marketing principles as applied to the internet for the past
5+ years, and our extensive specialized expertise in the tourism and hospitality industry, you can't miss attracting, not just the most readers, but the most pre-qualified and anxious buyers for your services and products anywhere.




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