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About TourismBrochures

TourismBrochures.net is a multimedia portal for the tourism industry. It is promoted and financed by Save Our Trees, a non-profit international  environmental project and it is developed and powered using the Instant ePublishing technology of Premium Marketing, Inc.

The rationale for a tourism portal lies in the need to build a large online library to promote the use of digital brochures by potential tourists interested to get the maximum of information about their destinations. In order to prepare their journeys, these potential tourists currently have to log on to several sites and retrieve information from diverse sources. Each country indeed has a website for the promotion of its own national tourist destinations, with additional regional and local sites in many cases. These sites (national, regional, local) have often been designed independently one from the other both from a technical and content point of view. Therefore, the services and content they provide to assist potential visitors vary widely, resulting in a sub-optimal exploitation of tourism potential.

Tourists planning a journey to a destination, would benefit from a better service if all the tourist guides and all the brochures of the local tourist companies are available free in 3Dpage digital format and geographically catalogued. This is what TourismBrochures.net portal aims to deliver: an online library of tourist publications where  potential tourists will be able to prepare their journeys in any country by simply logging and search by the name of the destination.

Facilitating access to better, more accurate and complete tourism information and services the Tourism
Brochures.net tourism portal will directly benefit potential tourists. But it will also help to reduce substantially the use of printed brochures in an industry that uses over 80 millions of trees each year to produce promotional printed materials.


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